Blicico on Block Chain Life 2019


Blicico presented its platform and IEO on Livecoin exchange as a part of the Blockchain Life-2019 forum💪🏻

✅Last year, when market was falling, the forum brought together 4500 participants. In 2019, the forum in Moscow was attended by 6000 people from 70 countries⭐️

The forum brought together not only world industry leaders, but also those who are newly interested in the blockchain and the field of cryptocurrencies.

✔️Blockchain Life is a professional tool for personal development and business development, for 3 years the forum has become an international platform for the development of hundreds of companies, a meeting place for market leaders and representatives of government agencies, a place where thousands of contracts has been signed that have influenced the global technology development of technology.
Blicico was released to be a part of this event❤️