Interesting facts from the world of cryptocurrency


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Today we will tell you interesting facts from the world of cryptocurrency, enjoy reading!

  • Salary payment
    The Japanese Internet giant GMO has been paying 4,700 employees a portion of their salary in Bitcoins since February of this year. Each salary payment in yen is reduced by the amount of the paid Bitcoin part at the exchange rate on the GMO Coin exchange. Thus, the company ensures the ownership of the virtual currency of its employees and promotes the development of virtual currencies in the world.
  • Online shopping
    Among the world’s largest companies that accept Bitcoin for payment, at different times such world giants as Microsoft, Steam and Dell were noted. At the moment, the acceptance of crypto payment by these companies is suspended due to the large volatility of Bitcoin.
  • Tourism
    In China, the country’s first “ETH-hotel”has recently appeared. This hotel, in addition to Ethereum, accepts bitcoin as well. Interestingly, it is located in Sichuan province, which is famous for low electricity rates and a significant concentration of mining companies.
  • Trips
    Brisbane airport in Australia became the world’s first crypto-friendly airport. Today, all trading terminals at the airport accept Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Nem and Steem.
  • Gift card
    eGifter is a website where you can buy gift cards of many brands for Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Thus, you can convert cryptocurrency for purchase in the store, where it is not accepted.