Thesis about the complex. Cryptocurrency


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  • As of today, there are about 2,250 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • China is the largest cryptocurrency miner, about 60-75% of bitcoins are mined on its territory.
  • Cryptocurrencies have very high volatility (degree of fluctuation).
  • Cyber hacking is not the only way to lose cryptocurrency, most lose access to their private keys forgetting their passwords, some lose their coins due to the destruction of their hard drives, and others die without giving access to accounts to their heirs.
  • Central banks do not regulate cryptocurrencies, and there is no relationship between cryptocurrencies and GDP.
  • Nuclear swap is a crypto exchange system that allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another without the need for a trusted third party.
  • Countries using cryptocurrency accounts make up more than 57% of the total.
  • The most serious incident in cryptocurrency history was a hacker attack on Coincheck, in which $ 534 million as well as over 500 million nem tokens were stolen.
  • In 2013, a user of “Gamekyuubi” from Japan in a state of intoxication published a message on BitcoinTalk, where he wrote the word “hold”. So there was an Internet meme HODL, meaning the retention of cryptocurrency.
  • The world’s richest crypto billionaire is Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple, who has a range of digital assets worth between $ 7.5 and $ 8 billion.